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How to become a Hairstylist

Those who are contemplating how to become a hair stylist are heading in the right direction because employment demand for hair stylists is not only stable but also steadily increasing.

To become a professional hair stylist you will need to earn a certificate or diploma from a state-accredited cosmetology school, after which you will need to take the exam for a state cosmetology license.

While attending a cosmetology school to learn how to become a hair stylist you will learn the foundations of skin, nail, and hair care such as hygiene, applications in chemistry, a natomy, and physiology.

After finishing cosmetology school and obtaining your state license, you may now specialize in hair styling. You can also take short courses specializing in hair straightening, braiding, perming, dying, and curling, among others. But perhaps the most exciting stage in the career of a startup hair stylist is the apprenticeship. Try to do an apprenticeship under an experienced hair stylist and even better, a popular hair stylist. As you learn how to become a hair stylist, the time spent working under a well-established, experienced stylist is the most informative and educational time you'll spend.

Apprenticeship is the time when you hone your skills and develop your own unique style. It is also the time when you learn the operations and business aspect of being a hair stylist. The underlying operations of a successful salon are just as important as the styling skills.

As a personal appearance specialist, you will also need to develop your customer relations skills. Building a client base that will stay loyal to you and recommend you to others not only requires your hair styling skills but also your personal touch.

The US Department of Labor 10-year projection estimates that the demand for new hair stylists in the country will grow by 75,700 annually, through the year 2018. The average hourly wage is $11.13 with the highest being more than $20.

If you want to become a hair stylist, you've made a wise decision.

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